The trips we offer reflect our travel philosophy, we often search and propose unusual destinations, "from the other Italy", the lesser known but equally rich in history, art, traditions, nature and food and wine.

Itineraries studied together with local tourist guides. Slow travels to enjoy ancient atmospheres, learn about our origins, result of the encounter of so many different peoples, who have chosen to stop in our peninsula, contributing to the development and growth of the "Wonderland".

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Le Marche

400 museums, 26 archaeological areas, 71 historical theaters, more than 300 libraries, 200 Romanesque and Gothic churches, 37 between fortresses and castles, 2 National Parks, 4 Regional Parks, 3 State Reserves, 3 Regional Reserves.

A region that can be defined as a “widespread museum”, an open-air museum, where this capillary presence of treasures is flanked by the many landscapes ranging from the sea to the mountains, passing through the hills and the flavors of the earth. The Piceno develops in the south of Le Marche.

We’ll guide you to discover the Picena civilization, which developed in this area, the last civilization that was conquered by the Romans. We’ll lead you among medieval villages, mountain excursions, boat trips. You’ll discover the mummies of Monsampolo with the archaeologist who carried out the excavations. You will visit Ascoli Piceno, with the best local guides and finally you will taste the typical local products, from “brodetto alla sanbenedettese” (fish soup) to the “tenera all'ascolana”, from truffles to the green anise of Castignano, all this accompanied by excellent local wines!

Now it's your turn! Visit Le Marche with us!